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  • Juan Hinojosa

New York Post: According to Cheaters, Multiple Partners are a Good Thing

This is why I don’t trust people. A New York Post survey claimed Gen Z’ers are a bunch o’ whores. The Post said that most Gen Z sluts believe in open relationships with multiple partners and that “65% believe (open) relationships provide fuller sexual and romantic life experiences, while nearly half admit that one sexual partner simply can’t fulfill their sexual needs.”

This sounds like a fantastic opportunity to hit the gym again, get some wrinkle cream, and return to being that creepy old dude at the club. Apparently, anyone under 26 is looking to fuck, and last I heard, dad bods are in, baby! But just as the story was getting good, they dropped this pertinent piece of information, “While it should be noted that the results of the study are slightly skewed as the people polled were all users of Ashley Madison - a dating site for married people that encourages affairs, experts agree that Gen Z is more accepting of open relationships than previous generations.”

What the fuck? The poll was conducted on people looking to cheat on their partners? What did you expect them to say? “Oh my goodness, no,” while clutching their “pearl” necklaces? Note to the author, not sure that your use of SLIGHTLY SKEWED is SLIGHTLY ACCURATE, fucko.

That’s like saying, “Most Americans believe incest is best. It should be noted that the survey was conducted in Kentucky.”

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