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Hurry up, Grandpa!

Remember the good old days when the world was a little bit smaller, slower, and friendlier? A time when people were kind and personable and weren't always in a damn hurry. Customer service was about greeting someone by their name, giving them a little smile, and having a little conversation while you ring them up. Back then, customer service was about making every customer who came into the store, shop, or cafe feel like they were unique and wanted.

Well, THAT'S NOT TODAY, GRANDPA! Not at five thirty in the damn morning on a busy weekday with 20 people waiting in a line going out the door, all just trying to get gas and coffee. Most of them are probably running late, already pissed at the world as they head into a dead-end job, only to see one old man behind the counter trying to bring back the good ole days of useless small talk. Listen, grab their shit, say hello, tell them how much they owe, hand them the receipt, and get them out! I shouldn't spend so much time in line that my hot coffee has turned into an iced latte because you were trying to return to the old-fashioned service of the hard candy counter in Mr. McGillacuddy's general store. It's not 1959, and your ass is cruisin' for a bruisin' right now. This is precisely why your generation is being replaced with AI robots and self-checkout counters.

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